Welcome to the Escrow Technologies Inc. website. This site has been designed to let you know a little about us and to provide some services that will make your escrow experience a pleasant one.

To begin with, from the NEW ESCROW section you can give us the information on a new sale to get the escrow started right away. That information will be immediately sent to our office and you will be contacted for the rest of the information necessary to begin the escrow process. The next section, “Video How To’s” is a series of videos designed to help you with some of the paperwork that you may encounter throughout the escrow process. With these videos we hope we can answer some of your questions if they arise after business hours.

Under the SERVICES tab you will find many links that may be helpful during the home buying process or even during the time you are settling in to your new home. In this area you can also find a glossary of terms used in the real estate arena with a brief definition of each. The DOCUMENTS section is a broad selection of documents that are often asked for and you can search for a blank document whenever the need arises.

We hope you find our site helpful and please let us now if there are other services or information you would like to see.

  • 07-15-2014 / Why mortgage rates haven’t risen as expected

    Average US 30-year mortgage rate rises to 4.15 pctForces keeping rates from rising, and what to watch for if you’re mortgage shopping.

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  • 07-14-2014 / More Homeowners Are Tapping Their Home Equity

    Borrowers took out about 230,200 home-equity lines of credit in the first quarter, up 9% from a year prior, letting them tap up to $23.4 billion, the highest quarterly amount since 2008. Home-equity lines of credit, which are commonly known as Helocs and which account for most home-equity lending, had an average rate of 5.01% in June, down from 5.16% a year earlier, according to mortgage-information website HSH.com. The most common reason borrowers give for taking out loans and lines of credit is to pay for renovations. Terri Ivey and her husband, David, signed up for a $50,000 home-equity line of credit in May, so they would have a source of funding in an emergency after emptying their savings accounts to cover a large tax bill from selling a separate rental property they owned.

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  • 07-11-2014 / He's the top U.S. mortgage salesman. His daughter isn't buying it

    Home ownershipDaughter doesn’t buy dad’s homeownership cheerleading.

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  • 06-30-2014 / 5 tips to win a bidding war for your new home

    open houseIf the area where you're hoping to buy a home has low inventory and rising prices, you might encounter a bidding war. Here's what you can do to gain an edge.

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  • 06-17-2014 / 5 Credit Moves That Could Wreck Your Mortgage

    While credit standards have somewhat loosened up in home lending, there are still some credit mistakes that could throw a wrench in your mortgage process.

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Seller's Opening Escrow Package

Congratulations...you have a new escrow to open. Just click on the "Open Escrow" tab below and you can get a jump start on the process. This will take you to a form that you will fill out with a lot of the necessary information to get your escrow opened and the escrow process started. Once you have filled out the form our company will be emailed that information. With this information we can set up our computer and have an escrow number ready at the time you receive your first call from us.

We would always prefer to talk with you directly at your convenience. This service is provided in case it is easier for you to start your escrow during off business hours or you are just too busy during regular business hours. Call us for follow up at (818) 718-3020!

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